The challenges of cancer data, and the nature of clinical practice in oncology, are so complex that a collaborative approach is vital for CODE to succeed. The collaboration has been established by IQVIA (formerly QuintilesIMS) with support from leading biopharmaceutical companies as the Founding Members, to facilitate the creation of a European anti-cancer medicines usage data network.

The Founding Members of CODE are: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Company, Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Amgen.

Founding Members

CODE has been established by IQVIA (formerly QuintilesIMS) with support from leading biopharmaceutical companies as the Founding Members, to facilitate the creation of a European anti-cancer medicines usage data network. The Founding Members of CODE are: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Company, Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Amgen.

IQVIA and the Founding Members have committed to support CODE’s common approach to addressing the challenge of anti-cancer medicine usage data, contributing certain technical expertise and financial investment to make the first pan-European anti-cancer medicines usage data network a reality.

CODE’s Founding Members will have access to analytical information collated from the Oncology Data Network. All data will have passed through a highly-secure, multi-stage de-identification process before aggregated analyses are shared with CODE’s Founding Members.

Supporting Members

CODE’s initial Supporting Members will be drawn from clinical/medical associations, patient groups, research centres and others. Core to CODE is our belief in the strength of numbers. Supporting Members are invited to join, to provide advisory support and signal their support to achieving its aims and ambitions.

Healthcare Systems

CODE’s vision is to enable healthcare systems to maximise the value of cancer treatment, while helping to facilitate access to innovative new therapies.

CODE aims to build the capability to effectively implement new models of access for oncology in Europe via a dedicated infrastructure that will provide near real-time, clinically robust, real-world data on actual product use.

Oncology Data Network

The only way the oncology community can achieve the ambition of CODE is by working together.

CODE invites cancer treatment centres across Europe to engage with us on our quest by joining the Oncology Data Network. In return for their active participation, members of the Oncology Data Network receive - at no cost - the tools to explore validated, near real-time aggregated analyses that protect patient, physician and centre privacy through rigorous de-identification processes.

CODE is establishing a rigorous governance framework to ensure patient privacy, as well as a high level of transparency and integrity. CODE’s steering committees and country advisory groups form part of this framework, as well as affording the oncology community a means to contribute actively to CODE’s work:

Clinical and Analytical Steering Committee

Comprises European key opinion leaders from the field of oncology, with expertise in cancer care delivery and clinical practice variability, who will offer a clinical perspective on the initiative and the analyses of the information.

Expert Panel

Comprises multidisciplinary stakeholders representing their member organisations, who may also contribute to the initiative through ‘building the case’ for change and communication to the broader community.

Country Advisory Groups

Comprises national stakeholders who will advise on network development, engagement with National bodies and organisations and clinical practice at a National level.

Ashley Woolmore


Ashley Woolmore is the Initiative Lead for CODE. His main interest is facilitating the generation of insight from real-world data sources to drive change in healthcare delivery and policy. He is particularly focussed on cancer and its treatment, and innovative approaches to data integration and analysis. Ashley also has substantial experience of partnership and collaborative working models.

Julia Levy

External Engagement Lead

Julia Levy is the External Engagement Lead for CODE across Europe, coordinating with key external stakeholders. She has extensive health strategy and communications experience gained in life sciences including oncology-related products, e-health and the international public sector, as well as European public policy work from time in Brussels and running a health-related think tank.

Diana Diekmann

Network Lead

Diana Diekmann is the Network Lead for CODE. She has studied and worked in many locations around the world and is fluent in multiple languages. Diana has over 10 years of experience in consulting, more recently specialising in Project Deployment.

Lisa Chin-A-Young

Collaboration Manager

Lisa Chin-A-Young coordinates the input of founding members and other key stakeholders into the initiative. She has over 20 years global consumer, patient, and commercial expertise across sectors including pharma, public health, and as a hospital governor. Lisa is passionate about leveraging insight to bring innovation and clarity to complex health and commercial challenges.

Anthony Guethert

Technology Lead

Anthony Guethert, with almost 20 years of IT experience in the banking, finance, health and pharma sectors, leads on all aspects of technology at CODE.

Yue Zheng

Product Lead

Yue Zheng oversees the design, the development and the user experience of the analytics offerings in CODE. Following her PhD in Immunology, Yue has delivered multiple digital transformation programmes in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector in Europe, Asia and North America.

Claire Lamotte

Country Lead, France

Claire Lamotte is the Country Lead for CODE in France. She holds a PhD in Pharmacy and has over 20 years of combined experience in clinical practice, research and healthcare information technology.

Maria Luisa Lara Ruiz

Country Lead, Spain

Maria Luisa is the Country Lead for CODE in Spain. With over 20 years in the Healthcare industry, she has held management positions in several worldwide companies to lead major initiatives to address challenges in both Public and Private healthcare environments.

Myriam Guiral

Country Lead, Belgium & Netherlands

Myriam Guiral is the Country Lead for CODE in Belgium and The Netherlands. She holds a Masters in Biochemistry and conducted PhD studies in the field of Oncology. She has held several successful management positions in a number of worldwide healthcare companies and has extensive knowledge of the healthcare environment in Belgium and The Netherlands

Amanda Bassett

Country Lead, England

Amanda Bassett is the Country Lead for CODE in England. She has worked at all levels of nursing in both the private and public sector as well as leading national improvement programmes across the English NHS. Working for technology vendors Amanda has successfully designed new data centric products and led their adoption delivering financial, productivity and quality gains for the benefit of hospitals, workforce and patients.

Thorsten Dusberger

Country Lead, Germany

Dr. Thorsten Dusberger is an approbated medical doctor with a Maters Degree in Healthcare Economics. He moved into healthcare information technology 20 years ago and has taken various roles in national and international Healthcare IT companies, responsible for the design, sales, maintenance and support of hospital information systems, diagnostic systems (Laboratory / Radiology) and other specialised applications.

Ulf Janzon

Country Lead, Sweden

Ulf Janzon is the Country Lead for CODE in Sweden. He holds a Master in Science (pharmacy) which he combines with a strong interest in public policy. He has extensive experience from both the public and private sectors including the pharmaceutical industry, Nordic collaboration and governmental committee work.