One hundred hospitals and growing: the Oncology Data Network celebrates major milestone

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The Oncology Data Network (ODN), a pioneering collaborative network for European cancer treatment centres, has reached an important milestone. The Network has now grown to 100 hospitals across six countries. The centres involved in the Network are providing cancer treatment to some 60,000 people with cancer. This strong growth has been accomplished since the initiative was launched at the European Society for Medical Oncology Congress (ESMO) 2017.

The Oncology Data Network is open to all centres who are treating cancer patients and its aim is to become an invaluable resource for the European cancer community. In line with that goal, the near-term ambition is for the Network to double in size in the next 12 months.

The value of the Oncology Data Network increases as the number of centres who are joining increases. As one of the ODN members, Dr Enrique Grande, Head of the Medical Oncology Service at MD Anderson Hospital in Spain said,

“Undoubtedly, initiatives such as the ODN help to improve the quality of care in cancer treatment and are a great step forward in terms of innovation.”

Ashley Woolmore, who is leading the ODN initiative added,

“This is a significant achievement and we give our sincere thanks to the 100 centres who have joined the Network. This would not have been possible either without the help of our international clinical advisors on the Clinical and Analytical Steering Group, the members of our Country Advisory Groups as well as each and every person involved in CODE.

If you are interested in joining the ODN, please contact us.

100 Network members and growing