Bring the power of data to the fight against cancer

The team at IQVIA are creating both the Oncology Data Network (ODN) which is supported by CODE and a second initiative, the Oncology Evidence Network (OEN). The ODN collates comprehensive, up-to-date information on how anti-cancer medicines are actually used in clinical practice across many hospitals; the OEN applies standardised research protocols and a common data model to a smaller number of between ten and twenty hospital-based research data repositories. These contain a broader range of descriptive data fields and enable faster execution of real-world studies as well as more statistically significant insight generation.

This team has grown from a handful of people 2 years ago to over 120 people today and will continue to grow with the ongoing achievement our development milestones.

Given the pace of our development and the number and variety of tasks and initiatives we are managing, we are looking for people who are intellectually curious, comfortable with uncertainty and like open-ended problems and who are happy to roll up their sleeves to get stuck in to the detail to get things done.

We are currently looking to fill the following roles:

Lead our efforts in federated research analytics for international precision oncology across our hospital networks and oversee our research programmes

In this European-wide OEN leadership role, based in either London or Paris, you will have matrixed responsibility for i) building our capability in federated analytics and defining the requirements for platform development; and ii) delivering on our commercial research programme, working closely with country Research Operations Managers and on-site statistical teams.

This involves working closely with a broad set of stakeholders including hospital partners, internal delivery partners, internal client teams and external scientific contributors and opinion leaders.

You will have strong mathematical foundations appropriate to federated analytics, some experience of medical research, enough software coding experience to supervise a development process and evidence of effective team management in a matrixed organisation.

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Collaborate with client, hospital and internal colleagues to turn study ideas into world-class, well-executed protocols and build, support and manage our site teams to realise their full research potential

In these country OEN leadership roles which we expect to fill in London, Paris and Madrid, you will manage the delivery of industry-led real-world oncology research studies across multiple sites.

Your scope will include: i) management of parallel research studies, allocating resources and leading on-site teams to execute high-quality advanced analyses leading to external publication; ii) steady-state operation and strategic evolution of hospital partnerships; iii) day-to-day operational management including recruitment and financial planning.

You will have extensive prior experience working with large-scale healthcare data with a focus on programme management, analytics or consulting and exceptional communication, collaboration and stakeholder relationship skills.

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Work with partner hospitals and local teams to inform data transformations, adapt study protocols to local site conditions and deliver data analytics to common statistical analysis plans

Working initially within the OEN country teams in London, Paris, Frankfurt or Munich, Brussels and Madrid and then increasingly at the hospital sites in these countries, you will play a leading role in the generation of harmonised real-world clinical data sets for oncology research across Europe.

Through your hands-on experience in health informatics, combined with excellent cross-functional communication and project management skills, you will contribute to all aspects of study production: from data source integration through enhancement, mapping and conformance to extraction and analysis of large-scale longitudinal patient level datasets.

You will have deep knowledge of clinical practise and terminology and coding standards in oncology, gained through either a medical qualification or significant experience in clinical research or systems/data integration, and possibly a MSc/PhD in health informatics or similar.

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Analyse longitudinal patient-level datasets using leading-edge statistical scripts, improving our data science research methods and potential scale and impact along the way

As a key member of a small, dedicated OEN team based within a hospital (locations to be confirmed in UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Spain), you will extract, prepare and document bespoke study datasets from non-identified patient-level clinical data, in line with to study protocols and statistical analysis plans that are common across the OEN.

You will work with the rest of the team to provide input into study design, organise and streamline the extraction process, identify and remedy data quality issues, prioritise activities across multiple studies and assist in the write-up and presentation of results.

You will have prior experience and facility with large-scale healthcare data as well as strong programming experience in both MS SQL and one or more of SAS/R/Stata/Python.

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Provide expertise and guidance on all aspects of the programme including data models (structure and ontologies), data capture, enrichment and study execution to transform how we describe and study cancer using real world data

Your solid understanding of anti-cancer therapies and their use in a clinical setting, of clinical practice in relation to data capture, and of international variations in clinical practice and product availability will inform multiple programme workstreams, including the overall technical architecture of both the ODN and the OEN.

You will provide input to development projects to enhance our existing offerings and develop new products and services, and advise relevant parties on the impact and trade-offs of design choices. You will also be expected to conduct task-specific secondary research and literature reviews, and to liaise with third parties and scientific societies.

Your knowledge may have been gained through any one of several possible professional backgrounds, including nurse specialist, physician/oncologist and clinical pharmacist.

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Combine project management and stakeholder engagement skills with solid technical and health data expertise to lead on the deployment planning and implementation of research data repositories at partner hospitals

As part of one of the OEN country teams for UK, France or Germany, you will play a significant coordination and stakeholder management role in the co-design, deployment and maintenance of GDPR-aligned, hospital-adapted data solutions across multiple sites within the country, and possibly in another OEN country. You will ensure adherence to specified standards and information governance and patient data privacy requirements. Depending on your background and skill set, you may also play a more hands-on role.

You will have prior experience of healthcare information systems, ideally obtained as a Systems/Business Analyst engaging with hospitals and/or system vendors, technical project and change management skills, a strong understanding of security considerations and practice, and excellent written and spoken communication skills.

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Enhance the real-world research capability of our partner hospitals by integrating their diverse clinical systems into GDPR-aligned, onsite research repositories that conform to a network standard

As part of one of the OEN country teams for UK (based on London) or France (based in Paris), you will further build the real-world research capability of our partner hospitals by integrating diverse clinical systems into onsite research repositories that conform to a network standard.

Working embedded within various hospitals, you will design and implement secure, traceable data transfer and integration services to industry best practice standards and provide unique expertise in data extraction, transformation and loading from and into disparate clinical systems, databases and data models to meet project requirements.

You will have prior experience of healthcare data, ETL, RDBMS, software development and system admin, an ability to deliver high quality work within timelines, preferably with an IT, science or engineering degree.

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